To create your own evaluation platform as part of your own Virtual Festival activity, please see the following directions:

The voting platform has been developed for the open source content management system DNN v7.0, an platform running on IIS and using an sql express database as a back-end. All the above components are free, so with a little technical expertise you could develop your own voting system. 

You can download the latest  DNN 7 platform from here the and follow the instructions to install and run.

After installing the dnn platform and developing the content of the portal, creating pages and modules you should install the voting modules:

  • The start event module which starts a voting event by producing a random number which should be used as code for each casting vote of the specific event
  • The voting module which will be used to choose your favorite movie in each category
  • The results module which will be used to show the results
  • The close event module which will be used to close the event
If you:
  • need more details
  • get in any technical troubles
  • would like to modify the voting platform according to your special needs
  • want to use on another software platform
fill free to contact us, we will be happy to help you.