This platform, called "YouthDocs …in our own view", is addressed to students and aims to promote cinematic awareness which often characterize a conscious "cinephile" viewer. Such cinematic awareness can be developed by providing students with the following opportunities:

  • the collective viewing of films properly projected on screen in a darkened theater (the concept of cinematic projection)
  • a series of screenings of exactly the same films to different student audiences with different cultural characteristics, in different places (the concept of film distribution and of common experiences shared by different people)
  • the experience of participating in a "festival", in which the films shown do not represent current, mainstream productions (the concept of special audiences which consider films as intellectual and cultural works of art)
  • the critical viewing of films, enhanced through collective, online voting for virtual nominations
  • the development of arguments -within each group- to support the group's choice
  • the publicizing of voting through an internet online platform to encourage further discussions.
A prerequisite for each set of screenings in different educational communities is a standard collection of films, so that all potential audiences experience the same films, thus allowing online argumentation and comparable reactions by different audiences. In our collection of videos we refer to twelve 5-10minute student productions created during the Second Year of implementation of the YouthDocs project and which present aspects of the everyday youth culture in Turkey and Greece! Students were supported by specially trained teachers and young, professional filmmakers. Thus, a collection of student short videos was formed dealing with contemporary youth issues such as dress codes, mobile and internet addiction, friendship, family relations, music and school bands, drugs, fear of the future, the economic crisis etc.